Inquiry Method provides processes, practices, and inquiry that break through obstacles to growth and mastery level leadership. It provides the bold shift in perspective and the set of tools that are needed to master your personal level of participation in your life and business.
Although the Inquiry Management program is available for individual purchase, there are attractive corporate discounts for larger populations. In addition, we offer individual coaching programs, leadership training, corporate team renewal and much more.


An exceptional leadership coach backed by 20 years of experience, Kyle Mercer guides executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs to their next level of success – based on what they really want. In one-on-one coaching calls, group coaching, and retreats, Kyle teaches his trademarked Inquiry Method™, empowering his clients to overcome obstacles and discover lasting clarity, direction, and focus.
For organizations, Kyle Mercer leads Corporate and Board Renewal programs that include Inquiry Management™ to forge strategic, productive companies and boards that contribute at the highest level possible. Kyle’s Corporate Renewal programs fuse the entire workforce with a spirit of “employee entrepreneurial engagement,” which significantly increases cohesiveness, productivity and profitability.
Thanks to his insight, experience, and business acumen, Kyle stands apart as a powerful leader and speaker who holds meaningful conversations with business leaders and other groups to spur insights, both professional and personal.